Week of 9/23/19

The CrossFit Open begins on Thursday, October 10th and we would love for everyone to participate this year! You can sign up by going to https://games.crossfit.com/ join the CrossFit 516 team.

We will be placing the shirt order by the end of this week. The shirt style is UNISEX, so if you would like to make a size adjustment, please email us ASAP!


A) 2 Minute AMRAP:
25ft Bear crawl + jog
25ft Butt kicks + jog
25ft High skips + jog

B) 8 minute EMOM
Even: 5-10 strict pull-ups or MUs
Odd: 10-15 push ups or strict HSPU

C) Steady State: for max meters
In 30:00 complete:
3000/2400m run
**pick the distance that can be completed around 15mins**
Row for max meters with remaining time



20 minutes to build:
Snatch balance + 2 overhead squat

20 minutes:
build to a heavy complex:
High hang power snatch
hang power snatch
Full squat snatch

For time: (I go, you go)
Clean and jerk (115/75)


For time with a partner:

80 Handstand Pushups or Pushups

40 Muscle Ups or Pull Ups

20 rounds of Macho Man

(3 power cleans, 3 front squats, 3 jerks 135/95)

*split the reps evenly*