With CrossFit's newly designed seasonal schedule, the Open is upon us once again in only 50 days.

On October 10th, we come together as a community, a tribe, and a family to support each other as we put our bodies through the test once again in 5 workouts over the course of 5 weeks. We push each other to new heights. We cheer for every rep and every second.

The CrossFit Open has a knack for bringing out the best in our community. And it's unique in that every gym around the world, every athlete in every box, RX'd and Scaled, young and old, competitive or not, gets to do the same 5 workouts. No other sport in the world is like that. Ours is. It also has a knack for bringing out the best in individuals. Countless stories from Opens past of first muscle ups, double unders, handstand walks, pull ups are told and new stories are written every year.

We have 50 days to prepare for the next CrossFit season. 50 days to dial in our training, our sleep, our nutrition, and dial in HOW we train. For all of us, the Open is a measuring stick to see how we've all progressed throughout the last year. It's an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone a little further with a group of like minded individuals who you've sweat and struggled with for an hour every day.
There is no better time to show yourself and your tribe what you are capable of. Join me on the leaderboard and let's write a few more stories to tell about this year's Open.


10 Rounds:

20 seconds bike sprint

2:40 rest

  • Complete 3 heavy bench press during each rest interval