Monday, July 1, 2019

This weeks challenge is to complete a 1 Mile run BEFORE class, breathing only through your nose. This is not easy the first time you try it. You will have to breathe out of your mouth at points. The goal is to see how much you can improve your nasal breathing abilities in one weeks time.


1 set:

Single arm farmer carry to the speed bump (right hand)

Single arm farmer carry back (left hand)

30-45 sec supinated grip hang

10 In place inch worms


Back squat:

3 sets: (2-3 minutes btw sets)

8 reps

*As heavy as possible


15 Minute AMRAP:

400m run (new 400m route)

15 Pull ups

5 Power cleans (185)

This weeks floater WOD:


4 sets: (rest 1:30 btw sets)

DB bench press x 8-10 reps

DB flyes x 8-10 reps


Max push ups in 2 minutes