MURPH 2019

Today is Memorial Day. This means there is only one workout to do…MURPH!!

The Doors open at 8am and the workout starts at 9am. We will be starting the warm up at 8:40am so make sure you’re on time. Tim Gritzman and his company Natural Body are supplying pre workout and post workout recovery drinks for everyone! So take advantage of those supplements to optimize the day. (Thank you Tim!!)

The BBQ will be fired up by 9:30am so your food and drinks will be ready once your’e done.

ICE BATHS will also be ready once you are done…and if you are willing! So make sure you bring a towel if you want to hop in.

Also, friends and family are MORE THAN WELCOME to come and take part. We have an entire workout designed for first timers. We cant wait to meet your “other friends and family” :)

Side note:

Hydration doesn’t happen during the workout. It takes place way before hand. So make sure your are drinking a good amount of water once you see this email if at night (add some salt to it) so you are as optimized as possible for Monday! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Fun facts:

1) 511 Tactical will be coming for anyone to try out some gear and support the cause.

2) Natural body inc will be there to supply all of us with pre and post workout recovery supplements.

3) Chris Mare will also be joining us to capture as many amazing moments as possible...SO LOOK PRETTY 🥰

4) Erica Scalavino is supplying ALLLL the ice for the ICE BATHS!…as well as bringing an awesome surprise!