WOD FOR MAY 20, 2019

MURPH reminder.

Next Monday (Memorial Day) is Murph. Every CrossFit on the planet is doing Murph that day and we would love for everyone to join us on our 9th annual Memorial Day Murph workout and BBQ.

The doors will open at 8am and we will be starting the workout at 9am. If you have any friends that workout and want to join us, or if you CrossFit and get this email, you are MORE THAN WELCOME! It is always a great time and we cant wait to take this workout on together. So make sure you hydrate the night before and come ready to give 100%.

Now for today’s workout.


With a running clock:

In 5 Minutes complete:

40 Wall balls (20/14)

30 Power cleans (115/75)

In the remaining time, complete as many pull ups as possible

rest 2 minutes then,

In 5 Minutes complete:

50/35 Cal assault bike

In the remaining time, complete as many push ups as possible

*Every 10 push ups STOP and complete 3 box jumps

rest 2 minutes and repeat from the top



Strict press: (exactly 90 seconds rest btw sets, no more than 90 seconds)



3 Rounds for times: (3 minute rest btw)

20 Cal row

7 Hang squat cleans (155/105)

7 Burpees over bar