WOD FOR APRIL 30, 2019

Have you planned out your week? Do you know how many days you’re going to make it to the gym, have you meal prepped? Have you scheduled and planned out your week for success?

Most people fall short of reaching their goals, not due to effort, drive, skill or capabilities. No. It’s because they didn’t map out their approach. In order to lose the weight you came here to lose, get stronger, faster or just get in shape for the summer, you NEED A PLAN! You will come close, as most do, but you will inevitably fall short without a plan of execution.

So whats your plan? What are you going to do this week to get you just 1% closer to your goals?


3 sets:

20 Shoulder taps

10 Dips (weighted if possible)

Banded walk


8 Minute AMRAP: in ascending order

1 Thruster (95/65)

1 Burpee over bar



and so on…

REST 5 minutes then,

For time: in descending order, highest round completed down to 1

Power snatch

Burpee over bar

*example: you finish your 11th round of thruster/ burpees. You rest 5 minutes and then complete for time 11,10,9,8 down to 1 of power snatch/ burpee