WOD FOR APRIL 25, 2019

Time management is something, as coaches, that is always on our minds. We also want to value your time as much as possible. Making sure you arrive early enough to not only move your body around a bit before hand, but, also being present at the top of the hour allows class to start promptly on time.

If it doesn’t help thinking about the value it brings you by showing up early, please consider the value you are taking from the others in class by not doing so.

Thank you so much, now lets get to the goods…


2 sets:

10-20 sec handstand hold

20 GHD sit ups

Banded walk


4 Rounds for max reps:

1 Minute max chin ups

1 Minute max sumo deadlift high pulls (115/75)

1 Minute max double unders

1 Minute rest

*Today is actually a base day even though the duration of work is short.

What this means is do not go at a pace you can not maintain. Do your best to move at a pace that allows realistic rest during the working minute to ensure you get the same number of reps in each movement for each round.

Getting the same number each round might take more and more effort each round…that is ok.

“When tired, TRY HARDER.” - Coach Jimmy