WOD FOR APRIL 24, 2019

Time management is something, as coaches, that is always on our minds. We also want to value your time as much as possible. Making sure you arrive early enough to not only move your body around a bit before hand, but, also being present at the top of the hour allows class to start promptly on time.

If it doesn’t help thinking about the value it brings you by showing up early, please consider the value you are taking from the others in class by not doing so.

Thank you so much, now lets get to the goods…


In 3 sets build to a max weight 25ft front rack walking lunge.


4 Rounds for times: rest 2 minutes btw rounds

10 Overhead squats (95/65)

Run to the speed bump and back

10 Hang squat snatches (95/65)

*Today is a “hard day.” This means the goal is to move as quickly as possible every round (without thinking of how it will impact your subsequent rounds).

*Slowing down is OK, but only if you have slowed down due to lack of physical ability…NOT mental capacity.

”When tired, apply fitness” - Coach Kyle