WOD FOR MARCH 14, 2019


2 Rounds for times: (4 minute rest btw rounds)

200ft Walking lunge (KB in ea. hand/ 55s/35’s)

40/30 Cal assault bike

30 Burpees

*Your legs are going to hurt. I tell you this, not to scare you but so you understand that your legs being in pain is not an appropriate reason to slow down or stop. You all have individual goals, which is why you come here. Your ability to push yourself in workouts will get you closer to your goal as well as teach you what you are capable of.

So remember why you come here. You come here to grow, to work hard, and most importantly to follow through on a promise to yourself. Remember we are a TRIBE, look to your left and to your right…by you becoming better you give permission to your peers to do the same.

Have fun and crush it!