Wod for August 6, 2018

A) Build to a IRM back squat

B) For time:

40 thrusters (95/65) *1 sec pause at the top at top of each rep

40 lateral burpees over bar


Upcoming Events:


Saturday, August 18th: Barbecue & Pool Party

60 Bacon Road, Old Westbury 

Children are welcome 3-7 PM. (Lifeguard on Duty)

Adults ONLY 7 PM until????? 

Hope to see you all there!!!

Parking Instructions:

Please park cars as close to each other as possible.  If parking is full around the house and garage, please park tightly along ONE side of the driveway.  Thank you for your cooperation.



On Sunday, August 19th at 11 AM CrossFit 516 is hosting a fundraiser WOD for our member, Vin Villoth and his daughters Anna (13), Naomi (13) and (9).  

To offer support to the Vin & his children during this difficult time and to help support their future endeavors, we have set up a  gofundme campaign to correspond with our event.  

Here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/viloth-family-fundraiser?sharetype=teams&member=338380&rcid=r01-153183027217-7b6fc5d1c69e4948&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

The WOD will be followed by Barbecue & Beer!