WOD for July 19, 2018

Attention everyone, we are officially switching from logging our workouts into our books and going mobile! The app (MYWOD) is what we will all be using from here on out.  

Here are the instructions for updating the RSS feed for MYWOD users:

1) Go into the app and delete the news feed 

2) Press the "+" button

3) Put in "CrossFit 516" in the gym name (leave a space between CrossFit & 516)

4)  Add the RSS feed below in its entirety


5) Save your changes

To check the feed, click on it and wait for the WODs to load. 

You're done! 

And now for the workout:


12 Minute AMRAP:

100 Walking lunges

40/30 Calorie row

20 DB S2OH (right arm) *55/35

20 DB S2OH (left arm)