WOD for October 5, 2018

BARBELLS FOR BOOBS is this Saturday, October 6th from 9 AM-12 PM

CrossFit 516 will be hosting our annual Barbells for Boobs event.  We hope you will all join us as a participant or spectator for this fun & meaningful event.

Thanks to your support we have surpassed our original goal of $3000!  We have taken 1st place in the New York State & 16th nationwide in our fundraising! 

Barbells for Boobs® is a 501(c)3 nonprofit breast cancer organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women under the age of 40 and men. They believe that everyone has a right to know if they are living with breast cancer. To date, they have served 23,647 individuals, provided 45,225 procedures and detected 351 cases of breast cancer.

To make a donation click on the link below and then click the "Donate" button . Let’s work together to help contribute towards the fight against breast cancer, one barbell at a time.


A) Back squat:

15 reps (as heavy as possible)

3 Minute recovery

12 reps (as heavy as possible)

3 minute recovery

10 reps (as heavy as possible)


In 20 minutes complete at low intensity:

100 m single arm farmer carry w/ KB (55/35) *right arm (to speed bump)

100 m single arm farmer carry w/ KB (55/35) *left arm

2 rope climbs

100 ft. duck walk (hips at parallel)

45 second plank hold (elbows on floor)